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Hey There!

Welcome! I am Dr. Asherah Allen, a true creative at my core and an educator, dedicated to overall health and wellness of our community. I encourage hard work, focus, embracing your creativity and imagination, while never ignoring yourself and your health in the process. I work to help individuals, teams and organizations reach their highest potential in creativity. My mission is to share tools and approaches for achieving academic and professional success, as well as optimal health and wellness through creativity, design, and coaching.


I offer a variety of services and programs that  are tailored to the needs of each individual or group. With my holistic approach, I am committed to helping you achieve success and reach your academic and professional goals. Visit my website to learn more about my services and how I can help you reach your highest potential!

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My Story

I was raised in Decatur, Georgia, in a loving and supportive family that gave me the support and tools that I needed to fuel my curiosity and creativity. I found that I love being a part of creative processes and I believe that it works best when it involves education, research, and tapping into your imagination. When I look back on my creative experience, I realize that it I was a creative at my core before I even knew it! It wasn't until I attended Albany State University, that I began to embrace it.


Even as a Health and Physical Education Major, I brought my creativity to class projects and leadership positions really contributed to my success as a college student. My creativity coupled with my love of learning, helped me successfully and swiftly complete Master's and PhD programs from Auburn University. Along the way, I have had the pleasure of advising and mentoring students and peers, worked on with numerous organizations and committees, and refining my creative working process. 


With 20 years of experience as an educator and love for the creative, artistic, and research process, I earned a certificate in User Experience Research & Design from Georgia Institute of Technology. That experience reassured me that the pathway to success requires a plan, creative and imaginative thinking, as well as encouragement and accountability. As I continue to work, one thing I am certain of it that I will have an open (creative), curious (education/research), and strategic approach that will put me in position for success.

In addition to being a creative and educator, I am a proud wife and mom! I am an HBCU Grad, Alumni of The Unsinkable Albany State University and Alumni of Auburn University. I am a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and work to help make my community a better one!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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