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I'm Dr. Asherah Allen

Come with me on this journey from Education to UX Research and Design!


Creating Positive & Impactful Solutions to Real World Problems!

Creativity and curiosity has always been apart of my life. There is excitement  and purpose in the process of creating something new and solving real world problems! I’m passionate about creating digital products that are pleasant and exciting to use. 

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UX Research & Design


Digital Marketing



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Began a career in academia as a college professor, which prepared me to gain a great deal of experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods. Working with peers, administrators, and stakeholders in fostering the best experience for the students and community.


UX Design & Research

Over the past several years, working with established and grassroots organizations in designing, marketing, and strategy implementation has been rewarding. These experiences have that helped increase membership and improve user experience of the organization's platforms. As a graduate of an intensive UIUX bootcamp helped to improve my UX and UI design skills.


Digital Marketing

Creating trendy, yet simple marketing materials for organizations and businesses that promote their programs, events and services on social media platforms and in-person, that are in line with their vision and brand.

Technical Skills

Team Work, Problem Solving, Creativity & Innovation, Critical Thinking, Design Thinking, Qualitative Research, Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Prototyping, Storyboarding, Wireframing Miro, Decision Flow Diagrams, Persona Creation Typography, Iconography, and User Need Identification

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